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About Give for Goods

Have you ever had an item in your home that you no longer needed and didn’t want to see go in a landfill? is an online rummage sale where you can donate your ‘good stuff’ and select a charity as the beneficiary of the sale. It’s a sale and the charities make the money.

Donors feel great about letting go of their ‘good stuff’ and supporting local charities.

Purchasers feel great about keeping goods out of landfills and purchasing quality used goods at fantastic prices.

Charities feel great about having a no-hassle rummage sale and providing another forum for their supporters to help them in their mission.

The Pilot

The site was conceived, created and underwritten by The Dunham Group, led by Christopher Grabiec and John Janisse. Built in the COVID winter of ‘20/’21, we are asking a select group of Hamilton charities to join us in a pilot sale that will begin shortly after restrictions are lifted and it is permissible to travel to other people’s homes to pick up or deliver goods that are ‘not essential’. Those charities are:

  • Good Shepherd
  • The Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice
  • Rotary Club of Hamilton AM

Each charity will be asked to encourage their supporters to donate to the site, as well as advertise the sale as they would any other fundraiser. When a donor adds their item(s) to the site, they select the charity and set the price. The concurrent nature of the drive means that visitors to the site can purchase goods that would support any of the three charities, thus adding to the ‘fun’ factor. When an item is sold, the donor and purchaser contact information will be exchanged so that the purchaser can arrange pick up their goods.


Is delivery of goods included, or available?

To keep thing easy and affordable, we do not offer any kind of pick-up or delivery service. Your donors will be notified when an item is sold and their contact information will be given to the buyer. It is up to them to arrange pick up or delivery.

How do I know what charity my money will go to when I make a purchase?

When you view an item on the site a charity will be listed with it, this is the charity that the money will go to after you purchase it.

Does ALL my donation go to charity?

When the Charities sign-up they agree that a percentage of the donation goes back into the running of the project, the website and payment services. Because making money is NOT our goal with this project, we cap this amount per year, so after we regain our costs, the rest of the donations goes 100% to them. To keep the site secure and running smoothly the Give for Goods also donates back some of their time to the project. This works as it would when a person donates money directly to a charity, a percentage of the donation would go the those who work at and run the charity.

Why can’t I upload my image?

If you experience any problems uploading pictures, please try the following:

  • Enable JavaScript in your web browser
  • Reduce the size of the pictures to less than 8MB each
  • Ensure that the image dimensions are between 300×300 and 6500×6500 pixels
  • Ensure the pictures are in GIF, JPEG or PNG format
  • Ensure you’re using the latest version of your web browser (Chrome and Firefox work best with GiveForGoods)

How do I get help/support?

There are lot of ways  our team can help you, visit our contact page for specific options.