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Joining as a Charity

It’s easy to raise more funds

Many charities have held rummage sales over the years to raise much needed funds. It’s easy, it’s fun and it builds community. Now you can replicate that experience online!

No startup fees

If you’re a registered charity, you can join us for free by filling out the form on this page. We will contact you promptly and help you get set up. We’ll describe our cost-recovery structure so you can easily see how you’ll benefit by holding online rummage sales on the site.

Holding a Rummage Sale has never been so easy!

Once you’re registered, decide when you’d like to run your rummage sale, then contact your supporters to add their ‘good junk’ to the site.  Next, you advertise your sale the way you normally would (social media, newspaper ads, email etc.).

There are no time limits to a sale, so your sale can be for a set period of time or ongoing. Your supporters can add items all at once, or over time.

Increase your donations now!

Participating Charities